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One of the oldest roof systems used in the world.  The weight is less than tile and slate and it gives you a very rustic look.  They come in light, medium and heavy with up to a 50 year warranty.

Clay tiles have been around for hundreds of years.  They will outlast most any roof system.  They also come in a variety of colors and styles (S-tile, flat tile, caps and pans, French tile and many others) If you’re looking for the best possible roof system, clay tile will win hands down!!


This is our new age products.  Coming of age in the last 10 to 20 years, these products are becoming very popular! Made with rubber, hard plastics and fibers, you can virtually re-create a real slate, shake, and tile look that are light weight.  They also make a great shake and shingle replacement without reinforcing your roof.


With styles from the Spanish Mission tile to the Vanguard Roll and Capri tiles, you can create the same look as real clay tile.  The cost is less, but you can have a roof system that will last 60 to 70 years.  They also come in variety of colors and can be blended.


Probably used more than any roofing materials, Shingles come in many colors, sizes, and styles.  A very affordable product with warranties from 20 year to 50 year.


The only completely natural material used in roofing, slate will come out of the earth in a variety of colors and some more rare than others.  The size and thickness of slate is determined by the cut in the quarries.


With this combination of color and size, you can create a work of art!


Most all the slate we use will come out of Vermont. The Evergreen Slate Company is our primary supplier.


All slate comes in a variety of colors and sizes. With the right blend of slate you can create a work of art!


Rubber Roofing

Call us! EPDM has over 40 years of field performance with over 20 billion square feet of installations and has the roofing industry's longest service life.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof virtually never needs to be replaced, saving you money while adding value to your home.

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